Our pre engineered bolt up buildings are designed from the highest quality  steel and sheet metal available.  All of our Bolt up buildings are designed with 30 year 26ga. P.B.R. roof and sidewall panels for added strength and longevity.  All structural steel components of our buildings are specifically designed to meet and or exceed your local code requirements.


     Pre engineered bolt up buildings have a broad range of uses, from industrial and or commercial uses to churches, warehouses, airplane hangers, riding arenas, storage facility's, steel based homes, house barn combos, and much more.  These buidlings can be erected as a standard building, or there are several options for exterior finishes while maintaining the structural integrity and cost savings of the pre engineered structure.


     If you are in the market for a high quality pre engineered building, look no further than 3L Design.  Call or contact us today for a free quote and let us show you difference quality makes when you choose 3L Design for your next metal building project.







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